Set & Costume Designer


Commissioned as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad and produced by Handspring UK. Performed at Borough Hall, Greenwich.

Directed by Mervyn Millar
Choreographed by Ben Duke
Video Design by Yoav Segal
Music by Leafcutter John
Lighting by Lucy Carter

“A glittering hillock dominates the set, from the bowels of which emerge snakes and crows of various dimensions, and a fast-flowing river. Behind it, a video projection evokes chaos, creation and the slow-blinking eye of a corvid. Around and over the hillock, puppeteers and dancers interpret the mix of spoken text and music in brutally demanding choreography, the dancers tumbling, rolling and hurling themselves about the stage in self-destructive frenzy that culminates in a tenderly sexual duet…”

(Jane Shilling, Telegraph)

“Puppetry and poetry are at its heart, but the dancer-puppeteers, ragged, barefoot and primitively grimy, hurl themselves and one another around a steep rough mound with an erotic uninhibited savagery…behind them cave art, fiery chaos and rags of a disjointed Universe are projected. You think that you are dreaming, and in no easy sleep.”

(Libby Purves, The Times)


“The design by Holly Waddington is impressive. Hughes’ ‘egg of blackness’ is embedded in the floor, its surface spilling out the various snakes, worms and crows that make up Handspring’s visual armoury.”

(Stewart Pringle, Exeunt Magazine)